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Confirmation/delivery time

Each order carried out by the Verpol Vertalingen preferably should be confirmed in writing by email. E-mail will be considered as binding when the delivery time and the assignment are confirmed by both parties.

Method of delivery of the source text

The source text should be delivered preferably digitally by email. It can be sent info@verpol.nl. Delivery of the source text in a paper document is possible, however extra charges may be applicable. Source text supplied in digital form should be preferably in MS Word or PDF format. If it is not possible, then in ' txt' format. In the case of other formats, e.g. website translation, separate agreements will be made.

Delivery time

The delivery time will be determined in the agreement. Any deviation from this term may happen only under very exceptional circumstances. The customer shall be informed immediately. The delivery time can also be changed when the client does not provide the necessary materials on time, the agreement is not confirmed in writing or electronically, or the customer is not reachable for the discussion of arisen questions or problems, during the processing of the assignment.

Delivery of the translated work

The translation will be delivered at the agreed time, to the e-mail address as specified in the agreement. Sometimes we may enclose comments from our translators, in which they explain or justify their translational choices. We appreciate very much your reaction to this. The delivery will be in electronic form, preferably in PDF or MS Word format. At the request of the client also paper documents can be delivered, at an additional cost – this is also the case of certified translations.


When the client wishes to cancel the assignment, he/she will be charged for the part of the translation which has been already done, plus € 20,-for processing and handling. When no work has been carried out, but the contract has been confirmed, the customer will be charged with € 20,- for processing and handling. Cancellation can only be done by means of a written or electronic message, by the client himself, upon confirmed reception by the Verpol Vertalingen.

Quality, complaints

Verpol Translations is responsible for the high quality of the work done. The work is carried out to the best of our ability and accurately monitored. Each translation, however, is subject to typographical errors and/or spelling errors. Spelling errors and omissions will be corrected free of charge. Complaints are taken into consideration if they are submitted on paper or in electronic format, supported with the evidence and examples. Complaints should be submitted within 14 days after the delivery date of the work performed. Spelling errors and omissions are free of charge. Other complaints will be dealt with after consultation with the customer, and will be corrected as much as

possible to guarantee the recovery . In case of a difference of opinion between the client and Verpol Vertalingen, the arguments for particular translation choices made by the translator will be presented to the client. However, if the client did not cooperate to solve the problems or has not answered questions during the performance of an assignment (terminology, jargon, a lack of clarity, accessibility), the complaints relating to these problems or questions will not be taken into account.


For all completed contracts a written invoice will be issued. The amount stated in the invoice has to be paid within 21 days after the date of the invoice to our bank account:

Rabobank 156260824,

Attn. Pawel Kruszynski, Son.

Any delay in payment will result in a penalty charge, in accordance with the applicable rules of Dutch law. Any outstanding complaints or complaints that are not dealt with in a satisfactory way, shall not be considered as a ground for postponement or renounce of payment. Our services and products are charged with 19% VAT (BTW).

Other issues

Everything else that concerns the closing of the agreement, the assignment execution and handling of an order, or the submission of an offer, will be a subject of negotiations between the performer and client, according to the Dutch laws and regulations applicable to the above mentioned agreements, and to the general terms and conditions "Algemene Voorwaarden" (in Dutch).

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