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Digital TV systems testing and validation


Test Architect & Team Leader & Test Engineer

Philips Semiconductors & NXP Semiconductors

1. Risk Based Digital TV system testing: Test
Strategy, Test Plan and Test Cases design: used TCL scripting for test automation

2. Technical Leading of Test and Integration Team in Digital TV Validation Group: Test Architecture, Test Management CCB,

3. Leading Run Time Code Coverage pilot project: tools CTC+, I2C communication

4. Performing test execution and evaluation for real-time embedded Digital TV systems.

5. Picture Quality validation - customer support (France, Germany, China)

6. Delivering Picture Quality Validation Course for NXP in Bangalore (India)

Flat TV


System Designer & Project Leader

Philips Consumer Electronics - ASA Lab

1. Project leading for Automated Build and Test system: Component based code instrumentation and Test Application on PC platform: protocol definition and design. Coupled with Continuus CM application.
Automated Daily Acceptance  Run Time Test control and execution based on RS232 and  I2C protocols.

2. Design of Verification & Validation Plan, Test Strategy and Test Design for flat TV  FTV 2.3/2.4 system.

3. Integration Plan and Acceptance Test Specification for Monitor Control Tool project for FTV 2.3/2.4 system. This project was partially out-sourced to a third party.

4. Leading validation project for Monitor Control Interface for FTV 2.3/2.4  system

5. Test Oriented Execution Architecture - co-operation with Philips Brugge: Test Specification for Functional and Non-functional Validation

6. Design of Test Architecture for plasma Flat TV FTV 3 system.

LCD Pojectors


Consultant & Team Leader & Project Leader

Philips Creative Display Solutions

1. LC4650 LCD Projector system with external control validation plan and  co-ordination of testing project by external team.

2. RS232 external interface for LCD projector - test plan

3. Functional requirements specification and validation plan for Hopper 2 LCD projector system.

4. Reference architecture and requirements traceability


Process Quality Improvement



IBM Global Services

1. Benchmarking, evaluation and testing of selection of Computer Aided Software Engineering tools: Rational Rose, Select Enterprise and Paradigm+.