Web Design


Test Methods and techniques:

  • ISEB
    • Requirements based optimal Test Cases Design, such as:
      • Equivalence partitioning
      • Boundary Value Analysis
      • Cause-Effect Graphics
      • Branch/Decision Testing
      • State Transition Testing
      • Branch Condition Testing
    • Test measurement and evaluation
      • Testing coverage for each technique
    • Test Process management:
      • Requirements analysis
      • Test Strategy: Risk based
      • Test Project Management Plan
      • Test Execution Plan
  • TMap and other methodologies
  • Risk Analysis
  • Automated tools for embedded system testing
    • Automated Test cases generation and execution
    • TCL scripting
    • Design and implementation of embedded test components and user testing interface
  • Test coverage evaluation tools
    • Code Coverage tool CTC+
    • Tools development, code instrumentation