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Survey of Software Engineering Projects






User Interface

January - April 2013

Free-lance consultant

PNA Group

JavaFX suitability study for a UI to a knowledge system, architecture and project analysis

iOS & Android
mobile applications

July 2010 - present

Self-employed Consultant


1. Analysis of business cases, system requirements and architecture for a specific customer - in domain of “life style”.

2. Desing of iPad/iPhone apps under iOS, XCode, Cococa Touch, OpenGL ES, Objective-C

3. Client-server applications on Linux and Apache servers, web site design for user interaction with a database, PHP, Java, JQuery, HTML

4. Database and server configuration: HTML, PHP, MySQL, Java script

5. Deployment of a pilot project in a **** Hotel and Restaurant La Sonnerie in Son, The Netherlands

6. Pilot projects based on iBeacons location services - see iOS Apps

7. Pilot project - remote care system based on motion sensors

Video infrastructure support

March - May 2010

Video infrastructure consultant

Trident Microsystems

1. Upgrade and maintenance of video processing software - C, C++, OpenGL

2. Consultancy on video processing infrastructure in Video Lab

Video processing tools


Project Leader & Designer


1. Design and implementation of  High Definition Video (HD SDI) real time capturing and playback system on a dedicated multiprocessor  workstation, for a specific I/O card. C, C++, multithreading. Mentoring student project.

2. Design and implementation of Video player for proprietary Philips video format on generic Windows platform and common video cards. C, C++, OpenGL. 32&64 bits architectures. Mentoring student project.

3. Upgrade and maintenance of Video processing and conversion tools for proprietary Philips video format. C, C++, Linux/Cygwin/Windows platforms.

Digital TV Systems


Software Designer & Test Architect

Philips Semiconductors

1. Component based embedded software design: MGR Koala, Trimedia platform and tools

2. Tuning of Execution, Performance  and
evaluation of the system, code coverage tools, testing-oriented design, real time debugging and emulation (Lauterbach)

3. Software Specification and Design documentation

Plasma TV Systems


System Designer

Philips Consumer Electronics -

1. Flat TV System Design - Enhanced Architecture and connectivity (wireless, second-display) - “Jaguar” based

2. External control (RS232) protocol design and implementation for Flat TV system.

3. TV Ambient Light Control design - LED based. User Interface, light control algorithms.

4. Design of component based Automated Test system for Flat TV - I2C and RSR232 communication

5. Participation in creation of Execution architecture and non-functional requirements for “Jaguar” based Flat TV System.

Near Eye Display


System Designer

Philips Consumer Electronics -

1. Predevelopment and System Definition for 3D Near Eye Display (video “glasses”)

2. Software development effort estimation for potential system solutions and platforms

3. Development cost estimation including BOM

LCD Projectors systems


System Designer & Team Leader & Project Leader

Philips Creative Display Solutions

1. Software upgrade for Hopper 20 LCD Projector: architecture, design, build  and validation. Dallas 8051 8 bits microprocessor with real time TASS kernel.  C,C++,  Windows. Keil 8051 compiler, emulator EMUL51, Continuus CM.

2. Project Leading for external RS232 based control for Vidiwall systems of LC4650 LCD Projectors: Software design, implementation and validation. MS Windows, OS/2, Keil kernel on 8051 microprocessor.

3. Upgrade of Software design and coding for LC8x00 LCD Projector, build and validation  management. Tass Kernel, 8C320 Microprocessor C,C++, Windows. Keil compiler environment

4. Reference Architecture Model for LCD Projectors - UM - evaluation of possible hardware platforms for new LCD projectors

5. System and architecture redesign for LCD projector Hopper 40 with Pixelworks SDK 2.0. Design of evaluation tests.

Professional TV Camera


Software designer

Philips Consumer Electronics/IBM

1. Software coding for BTS X120 Professional Camera system, Intel 386 Architecture, I2C bus, C, C++, Select Enterprise CASE tools, Emulation and debugging tools for embedded systems

CASE Tools development



IBM Nederland

1. GENUS programme for Software Environment Management: design and development of code and documentation generation tools from an Object Oriented model. Visual Studio, C++, Visual Basic, MS Windows, Rational Rose, Select Enterprise CASE Tools, MS Office objects. MIL-498 standard.

2. Evaluation of CASE tools - for code and documents generation: Rational Rose and SODA, Select Enterprise, Paradygm+.

Telecom Network Management System


Senior IT Specialist

AT&T/PTS Software

1. Design and coding of partial functionality for ISC-2000/SLM-2000 Interface OSI Stack based. UNIX based control system, target with pSOS OS. hardware: SUN 5, SLM-2000, MC68020. JET development process.

Mobile telecommunication


Software Specialist

Holland Signal Communications/PTS

1. Coding real time software for a mobile telecommunication switch in military applications according to Hatley-Pirbhai model. Multi platform RTE interface, TCL host test environment. UNIX, C.



R&D Consultant

Opticon Sensors Europe

1. Pilot R&D OCR project for hand script recognition: Algorithms and software design - stand-alone scanner with ASIC and DSP (Texas Instrument). Application and implementation of Neural Nets and Statistical Pattern Recognition systems. C, Mathematica, development platform SUN, Sparc, and HP workstations, UNIX, VME-Bus 68040/OS-9

2. Algorithm and implementation development for robust error correcting systems for laser and CCD barcode scanners. 8-bit , 8051 Microprocessors. C and Assembly

Expert Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering Research


Assitant Professor

Delft University of Technology

1. User interface for natural language recognition for an expert system for DAF-Trucks automated diagnostic systems. Entity Relationship Model. Coding in Prolog and C.

2. Abstract Machine Models (Warren) for Prolog/Lisp interpreter: Design  and implementation. UNIX tools YACC, LEX, C, Prolog, Lisp, Pascal. AIX workstations.