PopUp LvC

PopUp LvC  iOS App is an interactive guide for pop-up shops locations in the Cuijk and Boxmeer cities (“het Land van Cuijk”). The guide is based on the location detection by means of iBeacons.

The App helps to gather and browse information about the actually visited stores, while information is displayed according to the location.

 It’s essential that the user will receive a notification alert on approaching the pop-up shop, inviting the user to visit the store, even if the application is not running.

This requires continued use of location services running in the background. Please note, that running these services may dramatically decrease battery life.

From iOS 9.0 the ranging of beacons in the inactive state  of the application is not supported. While closing / killing (double Home+ drag away) of  the application, the user is warned by a notification, that no more messages will  be shown. (ver. 1.1)

This version of the App is designed for the Pop-up event LvC (Land van Cuijk), organized by the Young Talent Group. An event, with different participants, to increase the attractiveness of the cities  Boxmeer and Cuijk.

The App is built for iPhone, with iOS 7.1 or newer and requires Bluetooth (LE) switched on.  To detect a pop-up shop in the vicinity no Internet connection is needed, however it is necessary to receive an browse additional information about the participating shops.

The use of the App is straightforward.

In the main menu the User can follow the links to

  • Shops - list of shops: already visited shops have blue widget, currently visited shop is marked by the blue highlighted text, the list of shops provides the links to web pages of the individual participants, with the content is different when a shop is already visited or not. The list is split into three tabs:
    • Alle - all participating shops
    • Nabij - shops which currently are in the search range with distances
    • Favoriet  - shops checked by the user as her/his favourite
  • Waroom Pop-up shops - pop-up shops project info
  • The Young Talent groupinfo on the organizers
  • Wie zijn de sponsoreninfo about the project sponsors
  • Over de iPhoqus apps - info about the initiative group iPhoqus and our apps
  • Mijn instellingensetup menu
  • Doe mee met de prijsvraagtake part in the prize winning competition

In the settings menu ('Mijn instellingen') the User can select the following options:

  • Alerts allowing or not alerts and notifications on the nearby shops, blocking ranging. Default On.
  • Exit Alerts -  allowing or not alerts on leaving a location. Default Off. (ver. 1.1)
  • Auto Refresh - switching on or off the automatic refresh of actual distances. Default On.
  • In shop pas bij:  - setup (cyclic) of the maximal distance from the beacon in a shop when the user is actually inside the shop: 1, 5, 10,  20 and 50 m. Default 10 m.
  • Berichten na: next alert / notification timeout setup (cyclic)  - the timeout after which the user would like to be notified again about the vicinity of a beacon. Choice of 1, 5 min, 1 hour, 6 hours, 1 day. Default 1 hour.
  • Reset - resets setting to defaults and data to initial

Installation: Before installation of a new version of the App, please remove the old version from your device!

Please note:
Continued use of GPS and location services running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life!

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