KunstRoute App is an interactive art atelier guide based on the location detection by means iBeacons.  It has been designed by an initiative group iPhoqus: P. Kruszynski, K. de Bruijn and P. Deckers.

Kunst Route in Sint Anthonis in The Netherlands, is organized yearly by the "Kunstkring Sint Anthonis" society, and consists of a number of art ateliers in different locations, some  on walking distance from each other.

Thanks to continuous use of location services (also running in the background) the user will be alerted that she/he is approaching one of the art studios participation in the Kunst Route.

Even if the App is not active or killed the notification of vicinity of one of the ateliers will be  displayed, together with relevant information on the artist, inviting the  user to visit the studio.

Please note, that continued use of location services running in the background, even in non-active or background state of the App may dramatically decrease battery life.

If the App is active and a notification alert is shown a click on OK will lead directly to the "Business Card" of the artist, with further links to screens with more detailed information and related web sites.

This detailed information is available only after actual visiting the atelier as a sort of bonus.

Visited sites are marked with a green tick V on the "Deelnemers" screen. However, the user can mark all sites as visited using a setup menu from the Info screen. It is also possible to mark all the sites as not visited, to start the route again.

Prerequisite for use is an iOS device (preferably an iPhone), with iOS version newer that 7.1 and LE Bluetooth.

Internet connection is also recommended to enable browsing of auxiliary on-line information, like web sites of artists and locations on maps, but it is not necessary for the working of the App.


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