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Edit Wine

Edit and Browse Wine

and then by:

and then by:




User unknown: open common database

Please select wine from the above list.



show the list of all wines in database

Selecting one item and clicking on Show
shows the content of this position.
The same after double click on an item

New - new index

Edit - use an existing index

Select All - add all items in database to wine card

deselect All - remove all from menu card

To change values:

select from a combo box

overwrite edit field

Picture: select Upload check box and browse
for a picture on the local computer.

Picture should be in portrait
format 3:4, not exceeding size
300x400 pixels

Picture must not be bigger than 200KB!


Save - add or modify data in database

Select: add to wine card for upload to iPad
If you made any changes,
and the item has been already selected,
first Deselect the item,
then  Select it again.

Deselect: removes from wine card, but remains in database

Delete: removes from database, all item data lost

Cancel: return to previous screen, all changes discarded