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Log in, pleasenothing selected

Select menu type:

Select a valid menu type from the list.



Show - shows content of a selected menu item
Also double click on an item shows its content

Edit - edit an existing menu item:

Select the menu type and then the item first!

New - create a new menu item.

Select the menu type and a  new Unique Index first.

Show Selection: shows the list of
selected items

Deselect All - removes all previously
selected items from the selection.

Download Text only and Open Selected Menu 
- open generated documents and save to local disk.

Write out - generate menu documents in text and HTML format on server.

select one or more languages
to write/open menus in these languages.

All - writes/opens one HTML page with menus
in all languages.

To edit an item fill the text fields
with (new) data, or select from
combo box lists.

New data override the old ones.

To upload a picture select the Upload check box, and Browse
for a picture on the local

The picture size must not exceed the following sizes:

  • soups, surprise, desserts 4:3 240x180
  • starters, main, trifle:  from
    4:3 416x312 to  3:2 = 468x312
  • snacks, drinks 4:3 203x152
  • wine 3:4 300x400

URL must contain full address
line including http ...


Save: save data to the database.

Select: select an item to be included into current menu card on tablet.
If you made any changes,
and the item has been already selected,
first Deselect the item,
then  Select it again.

Deselect: remove an item form the current menu card, the data
 in the database remain intact.

Delete: remove the menu item
from the database. The action cannot be reversed!

Cancel: discard all current changes